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A little detour

Hello hello my dear readers!
I wanted to let you know that I won't be able to update in some days, although, of course, I'll try to. I've been quite busy with irl troubles and other incoming stuff.

At the same time I'm making a little animation with advertisement purposes to advertise Two Stories in a stylish manner on youtube (and probably newgrounds, since I'm working with Flash). I'm also working on some vectors for a couple of contests that came up to me recently. And by next week some friends are coming over for a week, so I basically have the rest of the month booked.

If I can, I'll update with whatever I have done, but If I don't see fit starting the new chapter because lack of content and whatnot I'll just wait until things get calm. August is a good time to work anyways, everyone's on vacation. So am I (because being able to work for my comic is like being on vacation :D).

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