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Welcome To Two Stories

First and foremost, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for reading Two Stories! Or, in any case for showing interest! I surely hope you will have fun with my little story (well not so "little"), and I sure hope I meet your expectatives in the future, and if I don't, let it be because I surprised you with something better than expected!

This is actually my very first comic, and I sure hope I do a good job, I invested a lot of time planning details, and I expect the story to be pretty awesome! Hopefully the readers will think the same :)

To begin reading, just click on FIRST PAGE to start from the beginning, click on the pages to go to the next one or use the controls at the top and the bottom of each page. If you're returning, click on LAST PAGE to go to the last page published or click on ARCHIVE to select a specific chapter or page.

With nothing else to say for now, please enjoy!


Back from holidays!

Phew, it's been some crazy days, these last ones. Lot of things to do, and with the excuse of holidays, family getting in the middle was a given.
Anyways, I'm here to announce a sort of new schedule for both my life and the comic! Expect three updates a week, I want to be consistent with this and see how it works. I'll dedicate mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays to Two Stories, and the rest of the week, to video producing and animation making, as well as taking "sort of" off the weekends.

It's a more professional schedule, and if I -can- follow it, I should have time to fit everything in and keep doing, slowly but much more steady than I have.

Of course, the personal ambit is also something to account, but here's hoping that the mood to draw and create will be up and bright on the months to come.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, this 21st of January I'm traveling for three weeks to India, so naturally, the comic will be taking a pause as well.


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It's been a tad more than a year now, since I started this big project. And it quickly became my main and most important of the several I'm currently working on.

Many things have happened in between, and admittedly not many nice ones. And these have made the development of the comic slow down by quite a lot. I honestly had planned to have at least a couple more chapters for the first anniversary. And to have HAD time to celebrate said milestone.
But I guess these things are inevitable, real life is a bit harsh sometimes, and lately it was starting to become a real pain.

Luckily, things seem to be getting a bit brighter and time may not be such a problem in the near future.

For now, I finished a little animation that will serve as the first mini-ad for Youtube (and probably Newgrounds, since it's in flash format). I don't expect it to get much attention, but it's a nice birthday present for Two Stories. And it also shows sort of where was Al few days before the gears started spinning. This animation is also a two parter, since I will be doing another one introducing Su as well.

Happy Birthday, Two Stories! I don't have many presents for you this year, but I promise I'll make up for it!

And in all seriousness, to everyone who has followed this story so far, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I hope you'll enjoy it many more years!

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A little detour

Hello hello my dear readers!
I wanted to let you know that I won't be able to update in some days, although, of course, I'll try to. I've been quite busy with irl troubles and other incoming stuff.

At the same time I'm making a little animation with advertisement purposes to advertise Two Stories in a stylish manner on youtube (and probably newgrounds, since I'm working with Flash). I'm also working on some vectors for a couple of contests that came up to me recently. And by next week some friends are coming over for a week, so I basically have the rest of the month booked.

If I can, I'll update with whatever I have done, but If I don't see fit starting the new chapter because lack of content and whatnot I'll just wait until things get calm. August is a good time to work anyways, everyone's on vacation. So am I (because being able to work for my comic is like being on vacation :D).

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Stuff to do:

Here's some of the stuff I still have to finish or flesh out:

- Go back to normal schedule this friday.
- Varied advertisements.
- A Two Stories mini-animation to advertise it.
- Compose a sort of theme song for Two Stories.
- Start planning new Youtube content.
- Finish the driving license course (theory is done and passed, now to do the rest).
- Finish various animations started.
- Flesh out and plan the whole Firebird arc and it's conclusion.
- Continue writing MLP fan-fic (if possible).
- Finish up commissions examples and opening commissions (delayed due to different reasons.)

Hrrk, lots to do!

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